"Whatcha thinking ‘bout, love?" He asks me.

"Nothing important really," I say.

"You have that look, of course it’s important."

"You’d hate me for saying it," I tell him, "It’s really stupid anyways."

"Everything you say is pretty stupid but that doesn’t stop me from loving you."

"Wow, you’re such a lovely boyfriend."

"I’m serious!" He laughs, ducking as a pillow flies over his head.

by Unfinished story #2 | S. R. 
I know I’m home
when I’m actually happy
with the oxygen I’m breathing.

When I find him, he’s covered with the alphabet. Engulfed in his favourite blanket with only a small torch for light. His eyes remind me of a broken traffic light; stuck in the green he keeps going, regardless of his sanity. The letters and numbers fill his skull to the brim.

I wonder if he etched the equations into his brain with the lines on his wrist.

Well, as long as we get straight A’s
everything’s all good right?

by Unfinished story #2 | S. R.

When you give her your heart
don’t forget;
it’s still yours.

When she gives you her heart
don’t forget;
it’s still hers.

When you love her
with all of your heart
and she loves you
with all of hers
don’t forget;
It takes time

There is a place
on this beautiful earth
where two oceans meet
but do not mix.
Two raging titans
who wear their hearts
on their sleeve.

But one day
they will put down their swords.
and withdraw from the battlefield.
One day
they shall join.
The most beautiful of peace treaties.

When you give her your heart,
when she gives you her heart.
There shall be a time
when both shall cease to exist.
There shall be a time
when your love shall be joint.
When it remains as your sole witness.

It takes time.

by tick tock goes his heart. | S. R.
Friday, 08:30 PM   + 241

I watch the trains speed by
I grasp the rough knot
The pills feel cold on my palm
I’ve never felt a blade so sharp.

Somebody once told me,
“It’s okay if you think about killing yourself,
But you’re not allowed to do it.”
I can’t see the difference.

by S. R.
Wednesday, 11:33 PM   + 5
The first time I spoke to him
Since he put down his AA chip
And picked up a bottle
I asked,
“How do you stop the pain?”
He told me,
“Have you tried locking your heart away?”
by Unfinished story #1 | S. R.
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The dreams I’ve had
are woven into my soul.
That is my legacy.
by S. R.
Friday, 08:30 PM   + 8
When the sky lights up,
Know that it’s me dreaming of you.
by S. R.
Sunday, 08:43 PM   + 34

It is said that the stars are merely
balls of heat and light;
a result of calculated explosions
and well timed sparks.

But I reject that.

I reject the thought of the countless
wishes I’ve made upon falling stars
to be nothing more than overly optimistic
worlds laced with mindless equations.

My hands have burned countless times
so my dreams could be validated by the likes of you

My skin has bore witness
to the chill of black holes.
Black holes that have attempted
to suck the life out of me.
Don’t you dare tell me
my dreams have lost their fire.

How do you think I fought my way out of the dark?

I shaped my own galaxies dwelling within my life.
that do not need solid facts from textbooks to thrive.
I have lifted them with my own breath;
fed them with pure flesh and blood.
My scars and burns can testify to that.

I have given birth to planets
when I’ve barely lived myself.

There were times
when I saw myself to be a white dwarf;
such a scene of destruction to behold.
But I tore my hand away from the eruption
and wrote my dreams upon the sky.

Our ancestors have built their world around God-given stars.
Not me.

I forge my own stars within my skin,
nobody can tell me otherwise.

by stargazing has never been more beautiful | S. R.
My dreams are the fairy tales I believe in.
by as if my thoughts form clouds. | S. R. (via vanilla-revenge)
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